Leeann Latu

I would like to comment on the services provided by Starworld Cleaning.

I contracted Starworld Cleaning to perform cleaning duties as required at my workplace, which was an accommodation environment, consisting of 11 rooms, Manager’s Flat, 2 offices, 2 lounge rooms, dining room, laundry, Staff toilets, Women and Men’s communal bathroom/toilets.

Starworld Cleaning were very efficient in performing their duties and did not hesitate to do extra if required on the day.

I found them to be of cleanliness, spotless and very proficient as well as utmost friendly.

I have no hesitation in recommending Starworld Cleaning to any company or household who require this type of service.

Australian Aborigianal Limited ( Commercial Cleaning Services)Australian Governmnet. (www.ahl.gov.au)