Services Overview

Starworld Cleaning is highly professional and specialised in public area cleaning for Malls, supermarkets, hotels, resorts, pubs, casinos and service apartments of all size and ratings. We offer wide range of cleaning services frequencies including daily clean, weekly clean, monthly clean and more for all businesses.

Our cleaning services ensure keeping all areas clean such as front desk and portico, lobby lounge, business area, washing windows, vacuum floor and carpet area and clean bathrooms all area must be in neat and clean condition all the time. Our highly experienced and professional cleaning staffs always pay more attention to details on our job, when it comes to cleaning services.

Starworld Cleaning also works closely with property managers and provide quality of job report to sign off.

The range of services we provide (But not exclusive to):

  • Sweep and mope all entrances, steps, lift, bathrooms and exit areas.
  • Remove rubbish to designated areas. Empty all rubbish bins and other trash containers.
  • Spray and wipe -window sills, wall edges, chairs, desks, tables, file cabinets and manager’s office.
  • Makes sure mirrors, furniture, floors, ashtrays, elevators and doors are clean and mark-free.
  • Remove all marks from the walls.
  • Thoroughly clean elevators, including floors, walls, and saddles.
  • Clean and disinfect drinking fountains.
  • Keep the Back area of Front desk neat and clean.
  • Vacuum and mope high-traffic areas.
  • Sweep and mop corridors and stairwells.
  • Periodically checks all lobby restrooms / wash rooms.
  • Refill all supplies including toilet paper, soap and hand towels in the lobby wash rooms.
  • Thoroughly vacuum all carpet area and clean floors.